A Five Star Service


The Sagebeet team all come from yachting backgrounds where only 5 star + service will do – and that’s what we deliver to our clients here in Marina del Rey.


Food Your Way


More recently we have adapted our menus to include some more healthy options, cutting down on fats and sugars and including key ‘superfoods’. This has been at our clients requests and we are delighted to be leading the field here in Marina del Rey and adapting our menus and our food in line with our clients lifestyle choices.


Innovative Events


Since 2013 we have worked with families, corporations and VIP clients to create innovative menus and stunning events. At Sagebeet we create the event with you, for you and to suit your budget; we understand that every event, every menu and every celebration is different. We deliver only the most delicious food and create the most exciting events; all delivered with the Sagebeet exceptional service.


Grocery Concierge


Due to these Covid-19 times, Sagebeet has introduced our grocery concierge program. If you do not feel comfortable grocery shopping or running errands in these times, Sagebeet can assist.